9 Best Dog Harnesses for French Bulldogs: Our 2019 Reviews

With their playful, smart and adorable demeanor, it’s no surprise that the French Bulldog graces the list of top 10 most popular dog breeds This compact yet curious breed has a stocky, muscular build which can often be difficult to fit into a standard harness. Choosing a harness for your beloved family Frenchie can seem more challenging than picking one out for other breeds, but it’s not impossible!

French Bulldogs are a flat-faced breed, which can lead to issues with breathing during extensive exercise and in hot, humid temperatures. With that being said, we understand the need to buy the very best harness for your French Bulldog. We’ve done the research to bring you this comprehensive list of dog harnesses that will be fit for your Frenchie no matter their size, build or exercise regimen.

What to Look for in a Good Harness for French Bulldogs

There are several factors to consider when picking out a good harness for your precious pup. Consider the following features and components:

  1. French Bulldogs have a very front-heavy build. They have broad chests and thick necks that could make choosing the perfect harness a daunting task. When picking out a harness, you’ll first want to look at size. A dog harness with a wide chest piece and multiple points of adjustment will be best. French Bulldogs can differ in muscular structure, so one size does not fit all.
  2. Although French Bulldogs don’t require a large amount of exercise, it’s important that they have a comfortable harness which won’t affect their breathing when you do go for walks. You’ll want to be sure that there’s no strain on your Frenchie’s neck or throat. Since they already struggle to breathe under certain circumstances, you want to be careful that you’re not increasing difficulty.
  3. A breathable material or design is critical when choosing a dog harness for your French Bulldog. The breed is known for overheating easily due to their breathing restrictions. A good French Bulldog harness will be made from mesh or other lightweight fabrics to help this heat-sensitive breed.
  4. Step-in dog harnesses are a convenient option for French Bulldog parents. Since Frenchies are stocky, a harness with a step-in design will make it easy to equip them for walk time. If your French Bulldog happens to have a lot of energy and they get antsy at the sound of their leash, equipping a harness could turn into a wrestling match. If you purchase a dog harness with too many straps and features, you and your pup could end up frustrated.
  5. Of course safety is a priority when walking your dog, no matter what breed they are. It’s common that dog harnesses come equipped with some safety features such as LED lights, reflective trim and strong, durable D-rings for secure leash attachment. If you and your French Bulldog enjoy outdoor walks and hikes during the early morning hours or at night, you’ll want to consider a harness with reflective properties.

Tips for Getting Your French Bulldog Accustomed to a Harness

If you have just adopted your French Bulldog they may not yet be familiarized with a harness.

Frenchies are charmers, but that doesn’t mean they will take to a dog harness without a little bit of fuss.
Follow these tips to ensure a smooth transition to using a dog harness on your French Bulldog.

  1. Positive reinforcement is the most effective way to train your French Bulldog to be okay with the harness. We want to paint a picture that the harness means walks and fun outings! Use lots of treats and praise.
  2. Never force your French Bulldog into the harness if they are fighting against it. Forcing the issue will just teach them fear and distrust. Take baby steps if you have to, such as laying the harness on the floor and allowing your dog to get used to the smell and sight of it.
  3. Let your French Bulldog walk around the house with the harness on. This will allow them to casually get used to how it feels. If your pup isn’t chewing the harness or trying to escape it, continue to encourage the behavior with lots of treats!
  4. Once your Frenchie feels good with the harness on, it’s time to take a test walk. Treat your pup as you take your first walk with the new harness. After all, it’s about creating a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone.
  5. Take your time with the harness training. It’s easy to get frustrated if things aren’t going how you’d like, but it’s always best to be patient. Continue with the praise and treat rewards.

Popular Types of Harnesses for French Bulldogs

There are a wide variety of quality dog harnesses to choose from, but below we list the most popular styles for Frenchies.

  1. Highly adjustable: No dog is built that same, but we do know that French Bulldogs have a large head, chest and neck. When determining which harness for to purchase for your Frenchie, aim for one that has several adjustment points. A thick, muscular build can be hard to fit with a basic harness. The more adjustment options your dog harness has, the more secure and snug you can fit it to your dog’s body.
  2. No-pull: French Bulldogs may not be the most athletically inclined but that doesn’t mean they won’t pull on the leash! A no-pull French Bulldog harness might sound attractive to you if your furry friend is constantly challenging you to go faster with the leash. Most no-pull dog harnesses are created with a V-neck chest piece of sorts, which will also help keep the pressure off your Frenchie’s front end.
  3. Car safety: Some dog harnesses are built to act as seatbelts, which is great for adventures in the car. Car safety harnesses can clip into your vehicle’s seat belt, then be unlatched to act as a regular harness. Multi-use dog harnesses are fantastic for budget and less clutter. Plus they offer safety in the car, which is on the forefront of any pet parent’s mind.
  4. Fashion: If your French Bulldog is sassy and fancy, a stylish, simple dog harness may be best for them! When they don’t pull on the leash and they have a smaller build, more options become available in terms of fashionable harnesses. Add some flair to walk time with premium quality, high-fashion dog harness. Dogs have personalities too, and now you can equip them to strut their stuff!
  5. Soft mesh: We like mesh harnesses for French Bulldogs because they are breathable, which is absolutely necessary during warmer months of the year. Mesh harnesses are generally designed with nylon features, meaning they are also tough and sturdy in case your Frenchie likes to take you on a walk.

Best French Bulldog Harnesses

Frisco Padded Front Lead Dog Harness

Key Benefits:

  • Affordable
  • Adjustable shoulders and belly straps
  • Front and back leash attachments
  • Over-the-head style

French Bulldogs have a wide body shape that may be difficult to fit into a standard harness. We like this Frisco front lead harness for Frenchies because it’s adjustable at the breed’s widest areas – the shoulders and belly. The harness can be slipped over your furry friend’s head, then fastened using two quick-release buckles.

This padded dog harness is built for ultimate comfort. It even supports Frenchies who enjoy pulling and tugging on the leash. The front leash attachment allows you to properly control your dog on the leash and steer them in the right direction. We like that this Frisco harness is extremely affordable, and can easily adjust to fit a French Bulldog’s stocky build.


  • Highly adjustable
  • Padded for comfort
  • Great for Frenchies who pull on the leash
  • Regain control of walks with front and back leash attachments


  • Not chew resistant

2 Hounds Design Freedon No Pull Dog Harness

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces straining and twisting on the leash
  • Excellent for strong Frenchies who like to pull
  • Swiss velvet lining to prevent chafing
  • Available in several sizes and colors

One of our favorite French Bulldog harnesses is the 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness. Although the no-pull design of this dog harness is a helpful attribute, we like that it has a simplistic design which has several adjustment points. Every French Bulldog has a slightly unique build, but this no-pull dog harness can fit dogs of all different sizes and muscle structures.

This harness has two points of leash connection and the heavy nylon material is tough for even the strongest Frenchie pulling on the leash. Our overall best French Bulldog harness choice is made in the USA with comfort and safety in mind.


  • Unique no-pull design
  • Four points of adjustability
  • Many sizes and color combos available
  • Made in the USA
  • Reliable construction


  • One of the more expensive dog harnesses on our list

Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Dog Harness

Key Benefits:

  • Keeps your pup safe in the car
  • Made with heavy-duty hardware
  • Doubles as a regular harness and car safety restraint
  • Padded for comfort

French Bulldogs love to go on car trips so we chose the Might Paw Vehicle Safety Dog Harness as the best car safety harness for Frenchies. It’s fun to head to the drive-thru for a treat with your pup, but always remember to make safety a priority!

This car safety dog harness was built with durability and strength to ensure your dog is protected on your journeys. We like this dog harness for the car because the fabric is lightweight and breathable, perfect for your Frenchie who may struggle with the heat.


  • Keeps your Frenchie safe on car rides
  • Can also be used as a regular walking harness
  • Breathable, lightweight padding
  • Available in four sizes


  • This harness runs small, according to other pet parents.

Puppia Soft Dog Harness

Key Benefits:

  • Over-the-head design
  • Soft, breathable mesh material
  • Cost-effective
  • Functional and practical

It’s important that a Frenchie’s neck and throat aren’t strained during walks, and this Puppia harness supports that need. This simple harness will slip over your pup’s neck and secures at the side with a quick-release buckle. The fabric is super soft and gentle, and it will be breathable for warm weather.

The Puppia Soft Dog Harness is made from cozy polyester and cotton. It is built with inner padding for premium comfort. We like that you can choose from some stylish colors and plenty of sizes to best fit your favorite Frenchie!


  • Provides superior comfort
  • Won’t put stress on your dog’s neck or throat
  • Budget-friendly
  • Practical design


  • Not chew or escape-proof

5 More Great Harnesses for French Bulldogs

Frisco Small & Medium Dog Breeds Soft Mesh Dog Harness

Another terrific over-the-head dog harness is this one from Frisco. It’s affordable, functional and comfortable. The stomach strap is adjustable to fit your dog properly. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, both of which are important for French Bulldogs. Pick from a variety of sizes and colors, and your Frenchie will be enjoying cozy, secure, stylish walks in no time!

Red Dingo Designer Snake Eyes Dog Harness

This dog harness is cost-effective but also simple and highly adjustable. With a strong nylon design, we like this dog harness for your French Bulldog because it can fit all sorts of body shapes. The Bucklebone is said to be stronger than a basic harness buckle so you don’t have to worry about the harness unbuckling. Plus, it’s stylish! We also like that the ends of the Red Dingo dog harness are cut at a special angle to avoid irritating your Frenchie’s skin. This harness can be adjusted for a comfy fit, and it’s also stylish, coming in a variety of colors and designs.

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

The PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness makes our list of best harnesses for French Bulldogs because it has a quick-snap design that is adjustable at three points. This dog harness will reliably fit your French Bulldog because it can be adjusted at the chest, which is the widest point on your dog’s body. The belly and shoulder buckles mean that you can easily slip this harness on and off your French Bulldog. Plus, the snazzy design will be sure to turn heads on your daily walks. Daily exercise will be effortless and comfortable for your furry friend with the highly rated PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness.

Sporn Training Dog Halter

The Sporn Training Dog Halter is one of our tops picks since its good for French Bulldogs who pull and have very wide chest areas. The unique design is made with chest restraints which are covered with a cozy Sherpa material for maximum comfort. The nylon braided sleeves go under your dog’s legs, and they are removable so the harness turns into a collar within an instant. We like that the Sporn Training dog harness is devised to give the handler maximum control while your dog is safe, secure and comfortable.

Kurgo Go-Tech Adventure Dog Harness

Is your French Bulldog a fan of hiking and camping adventures? We chose the Kurgo Go-Tech Adventure Dog Harness for these types of activities. Not only is this dog harness padded for comfort and built for outdoor fun, but it also makes a secure seatbelt for road trips and car rides. This Kurgo dog harness is lightweight, and it won’t put any strain in your French Bulldog’s neck or throat. The sides of the harness adjust in case your Frenchie is sporting a wide girth.


  • How do I choose the appropriate size harness for my French Bulldog? Before ordering your dog harness of choice, start by measuring your Frenchie’s length, girth (the widest part of their body) and their neck. A sizing chart will assist you in determining which size will be best for your French Bulldog at that point. If your Frenchie is still growing, we suggest purchasing a harness that is true to their current size but is adjustable (as most harnesses are). It’s always important that a dog harness fits snug against their body without restricting movement.
  • I don’t know how to equip my dog’s harness. Where can I find out? If your dog harness did not come with instructions, the website where you purchased it should have a helpful guide to equipping and adjusting it.
  • What do I do if my French Bulldog’s harness is restricting their breathing? French Bulldogs are already prone to breathing problems, so you definitely don’t want to make it worse. If you believe the harness is making it more difficult for your Frenchie to breathe, first try adjusting it to take the pressure off their throat and neck. If adjustments aren’t enough, you may need to purchase a bigger size dog harness, or a different style.


Your French Bulldog is full of spunk, personality and sass. Their erect, trademark ears give them that look of alertness and interest. But all of that glamour comes with a need for special care when it comes to protecting their breathing. The harnesses we chose as our top picks are all designed to keep any strain and pressure off of your French Bulldog’s neck. We hope this guide helped you pick out the best harness for your canine companion.

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