9 Best Mattresses for Murphy Beds: Our 2020 Review

best mattress for murphy beds

As more and more people are moving to cities, they are finding that apartments are getter smaller and smaller. Due to size constraints, a Murphy bed is ideal, just simply fold it up and put it away. Some simply want a Murphy bed for the uniqueness and sophistication it brings. Whatever your reason, finding the perfect, most comfortable mattress for your Murphy bed can be quite the challenge without a bit of research. So, hey! We did the research for you! Below you will find our 2020 review on the best mattresses for Murphy beds. Our hard work will not only save you time and money but also lots of space and comfort. Join the growing trend of owning a Murphy bed and learn the facts, myths and best deals on mattresses.

Runner Up

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

  • Cool and comfortable
  • Dust-mite protection

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Best Overall

The Puffy Mattress

  • Best for all sleeper types
  • Breathable and cooling

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Most Affordable

Amazon Basics Mattress

  • It comes in all sizes
  • Delivered in a box

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Key Considerations When Choosing a Mattress for a Murphy Bed

When it comes to choosing the best mattress for your Murphy bed, there are key considerations you should know before you buy. Because your mattress will be standing up straight against the wall most of the time, they encounter something called slumping – when the top part of the mattress bunches up. Therefore, we believe that purchasing a foam mattress is a top priority to avoiding that common problem. We’ll discuss that later. In the meantime, key considerations when buying include:

  • comfortability
  • foldability
  • cost
  • size
  • warranty

Different Types of Mattresses for Murphy Beds

You can use any style mattress you would like for your Murphy bed, as long as the size of the frame can support it. While there are many different types, the mattress you choose is a personal decision. Remember that the better the mattress, the more comfortable you will be and the longer you will have it. Below are the most preferred types of mattresses that people prefer:

  • Box-Spring Mattresses – While a box-spring mattress may seem a bit outdated, they still hold up very well! This type of mattress is a great option for those who have back problems and need a good amount of support. The box-spring mattress consists of layers of cotton filling with springs for support and bounce. However, if this is the type you prefer, you’ll want to check to see how durable your bed is and how much weight it can hold, because these mattresses can be quite heavy. Also, keep in mind that box-springs can get a little loud over time. The way to avoid this is to flip it every 3 to 4 months. And remember to check the depth of your bed, because a typical box-spring mattress will be approximately 6 inches deep, which is bigger than the other types.
  • Memory Foam Mattresses – If you are looking for extra comfort, memory foam mattresses are very popular. They offer special filling and foam for a comfortability that can’t be beaten. Memory foam tends to form to your body and takes on that shape over time. This mattress comes in all sizes and depths and will feel like it is custom made just for you.
  • Foam Mattresses – If your Murphy bed doesn’t have much depth, this may be the only option you have. Foam mattresses are very comfortable. They roll up for easy delivery and, once you unroll them, they lie flat and look great! This mattress is not as comfortable as others but has come a long way over time, and they do offer a great deal of comfort nowadays.
  • Pillow-Top Mattresses – Pillow-top mattresses are an up-and-coming preference to many. You can have them shipped to you easily and once laid out flat onto your bed, they offer high-end, quality materials of foam and latex, and micro-coils that offer a deep night’s sleep.
  • Hypoallergenic – The hypoallergenic mattress is for people who either have allergies or prefer this type of mattress. They come in all of the types of mattresses above.
  • Latex – Latex is a type of foam that can last longer than most other types. It is much more expensive than the other foams because it is all-natural. In the past, it wasn’t as comfortable as it is now. Latex provides the comfort of a box-spring with the bonus of a long life, 15 to 30 years.

Overall Best Mattresses for Murphy Beds

The Puffy Mattress

Key Features:

  • Best for all sleeper types.
  • Breathable and cooling.
  • It can be placed on any frame or surface.
  • It is climate adaptive.
  • It provides enhanced spinal alignment.
  • Total pressure relief.

In addition to the above key features, “The Puffy Mattress” is offered at a great price and also offers a lifetime warranty and a 101-night worry-free trial or your money will be refunded. It comes with a stain-resistant cover to easily wipe off spills. And as a bonus, for every mattress sold, Puffy gives donations to children need of a mattress. This company believes that every child should have a bed to sleep on. It is said that this mattress is like sleeping on a cloud.

  • Pros: Ranked 2020 Best Mattress! Ships free to your door with FedEx. Made in the USA.
  • Cons: Unable to pick up in a store. It must be ordered online.

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Key Features:

  • Works with all bed types.
  • Crafted from premium materials.
  • Medium-firmness for contour and support.
  • Cool and comfortable airflow features.
  • Dust-mite protection.

Runner Up Best Murphy Bed Mattress – At a great price, your Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is our runner up this year and is designed for a better night’s sleep. Your Murphy bed will look sleek and stylish with fully-certified flexible foam. Nectar provides a “forever warranty”, free shipping and returns and a 365-night home trial. This mattress is crafted with quilted gel memory foam, cooling cover and a breathable base layer.

  • Pros: Cheap in price but not in quality. Convenient delivery and easy setup.
  • Cons: Unable to pick up in a store. It must be ordered online.

AmazonBasics Coil Mattress

Key Features:

  • High-density foam layer for comfort and support.
  • Individually-wrapped 8-inch pocket coils offer durability and even weight distribution.
  • It comes in all sizes.
  • Made with CERTIPUR-US memory foam which ensures that the product is made without any potentially dangerous chemicals.
  • Delivered in a box and easy to set up.

Most Affordable Murphy Bed Mattress – The AmazonBasics Coil Mattress with high-density foam layers offers support, is built to last, comfortable and versatile. Made for those who want this type of mattress at an extremely affordable price. Wake up refreshed and well-rested while still giving style to your Murphy bed! Provides the bounce of a classic box-spring mattress with the luxurious feel of the high-density foam.

  •  Pros: Very affordable.
  • Cons: A manufacturer’s warranty is only provided upon request.

6 More Top Mattresses for Murphy Bed Frames

Nolah Original 10

Key Features:

  • It provides excellent pressure relief.
  • Try risk-free for 120 nights.
  • It provides optimal cooling.
  • It offers the perfect medium firmness.
  • 100% temperature neutral air foam.
  • 300% more durable than memory foam.

The Nolah Original 10 mattress is CERTIPUR-US and has been proven to provide 4 times less pressure on hips, shoulders, and back. It is made without heat-trapping chemicals to deliver a cool and comfortable sleep.

Brooklyn Signature

Key Features:

  • Offered in 3 levels of firmness.
  • Has a two-inch top layer of foam with the responsiveness of latex.
  • Deeper compression support.
  • Infused with cooling gel to moderate your body temperature.
  • 120-night risk-free trial.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Made in the USA.

The Brooklyn Signature mattress is packed with great features and is priced competitively. This mattress combines springs with foam for improved comfort and deeper compression support. We would call this one of the highest value beds on the market today.

The Frankly Mattress

Key Features:

  • Comfort and support.
  • Cool inside and out.
  • Includes machine washable, removable cover.
  • Quick and simple setup.
  • 0% financing for twelve months.

This mattress is only available in queen and king sizes, but if that is what you need, it is one of the most cost-efficient. This mattress is made with luxury memory foam and is designed for comfort and support to deliver a perfect night’s sleep.

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 8 Inch Mattress

Key Features:

  • 2 inches of memory foam comfort and support.
  • 2 inches of pressure-relieving comfort foam.
  • 4 inches of high-density base support foam.
  • It contains natural plant oil to help keep the mattress fresh.
  • Fabric is 1-inch microfiber quilted to soft knitted jacquard cover.
  • Compressed, rolled and shipped in a box right to your door.

Although the Zinus Ultima is not as cost-effective as some of the others, it is up there in quality and comfort. This mattress molds to the shape of your body. Just like most of the other mattresses, once you open it you will need to allow 72 hours for your mattress to return to its original, plush shape.

Nod by Tuft & Needle

Key Features:

  1. High-quality responsive foam.
  2. Affordable price.
  3. Amazon exclusive.
  4. 10-year limited warranty with a 100-night sleep trial.

Nod by Tuft & Needle offers pressure relief, breathability, support, and simplicity. At an affordable cost, this mattress is made of high-quality products and supports most frames – slatted, adjustable and box-springs. The memory foam is more supportive than latex and sleeps cooler.

Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Gel Memory Foam

Key Features:

  1. Cool, ventilated gel memory foam.
  2. The beautiful cover is made of 4-way stretch knit that moves with the memory foam for even more comfort.
  3. Supports your back to prevent tossing and turning.
  4. Cool gel regulates temperature.
  5. Naturally hypoallergenic.

This mattress consists of the latest in gel and foam technology and is affordably priced. Aligns the spine and is designed for the ultimate in support and comfort. With 3 layers of foam support, as you move around at night, the memory foam gently fills in and reshapes to your new sleeping position.

Our 2020 Murphy Mattress Buying Guide

When in the market for a mattress for your Murphy bed, it’s best to know ahead of time what you need to look for. We’ve taken the time to do the work for you and provide you with all of the details you should know before your search.

  1. Dimensions and Sizes – This is a big one. All Murphy beds are made differently and the dimensions and size of your bed must be taken into account before a mattress purchase. In addition to the height, width, and weight it can hold, make sure that you measure its depth. Some Murphy beds do not have enough depth to fit all mattresses.
  2. Type of Foam – Not all foam is made the same, as you can see above. Be sure to decide ahead of time if you would prefer regular foam, memory foam, gel-infused foam, hypoallergenic, etc. It is best to look for foam that is made of natural materials so that it will readily conform to every type of body.
  3. Latex – Some people prefer latex to foam. Latex is similar in that it is made of natural materials. Instead of a slow response to pressure, latex will provide you with the bounciness and responsiveness some prefer. It is great for those who don’t want to sink in slowly and would prefer to move around with ease. It is also famous for providing great airflow between the layers, helping with temperature regulation. Latex is suggested to support heavier individuals for adequate back support.
  4. Innerspring or Hybrid – These are the other two mattresses you will have to choose from. The good old box-spring and the hybrid (pocket foils and foam combined). If you prefer the innerspring because of its durability, there are plenty of great ones out there. The hybrid is what many are choosing nowadays because of its combination of foils and foam, providing for the ultimate in comfort.
  5. Buy Online – Did you know that mattress stores make tons of money off of you? How else would they stay in business? Luckily our world is ever-evolving and we are now able to purchase our mattresses online as opposed to back in the day when we had no choice but to go to the mattress store and pay a 40-50 percent markup.
  6. Use Reviews as a Compass – Reviews are great, but let’s face it, product reviews are not always trustworthy. While some of them are very real, many companies will give a free product for great reviews or their family members and friends leave reviews for them. While it is always good to read the reviews of any product, especially looking for bad ones, you should not base your final choice on them. They are good for direction, but not decision.
  7. Look for Scams – Unfortunately, there are people out there who see dollar signs in every big-selling product. Mattresses are no different. There are scams out there where someone will spin up a good website, buy cheap materials from oversees and sell you their mattress at a premium price, never to be heard from again if you have a problem. Perform your due diligence in your search, or simply buy from our suggestions above!
  8. Get the Most Value Out of Your Mattress – Buy at the lower price for the best quality. Don’t buy a cheap mattress – you will only have to purchase another soon. And the quality of your mattress will depend upon how you feel upon awakening in the morning. This is very important to your body.

If you follow this guide and the mattresses we’ve suggested, you’ll be fine. Trust us! You will find a great mattress for your Murphy bed. And, even though we’re almost positive you will be happy with your purchase, it is good to know that most mattress companies will pick up your mattress and donate it or dispose of it if you are unhappy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have to have a special mattress for a Murphy bed? – Good news – you can use any mattress you want as long as it is in line with the dimensions and measurements of the bed. There are so many choices! Keep in mind that when checking the measurements, the thickness denotes the total thickness which includes the pillow-top.
  • How comfortable are Murphy bed mattresses? – The comfort depends upon which mattress you choose. Because you are not limited in choice, you can choose from memory foam, latex, box-spring or hybrid. There are so many to pick from and all provide a different level of comfort. The only time you will be limited in the choice is if you don’t have any depth to fit a bigger mattress. In that case, you will have to purchase a thinner foam mattress, which will not be as comfortable as the rest but does still provide a good night’s sleep.
  • Can a Sleep Number mattress be used in a Murphy bed? – We contacted Sleep Number to get an accurate answer to this question. Unfortunately, we were told that the Sleep Number mattress cannot be supported by a Murphy bed. The air chambers inside of the mattress cannot withstand the constant moving and standing up of the bed.
  • How does the mattress stay on a Murphy bed? – Your Murphy bed mattress, if set properly in the frame, will sit inside of the frame to prevent sliding. When folding up your bed, the leg rod will flip over the top and hold the mattress in place. Some Murphy beds also have a strap that can hold the mattress in place, but it is not necessary.
  • How thick should a Murphy bed mattress be? – This depends upon the depth of your bed. You should also make sure your measurements are correct before ordering your mattress. Once you know the depth, the thickness is up to you. The only exception would be Murphy beds that have no depth. In that case, you would need to purchase a very thin foam mattress.
  • Are Murphy beds dangerous? – When installed and used properly, a Murphy bed is not dangerous. Some people worry that the bed could fold up into the wall while you are in it. Rest assured that this is not the case when mounted properly and installed correctly.
  • How long should your Murphy bed mattress last?
        • Hybrids will generally last 10 to 12 years.
        • Innerspring (box-spring) will generally last 10 to 12 years.
        • Memory foam will usually last approximately 6 to 7 years.
        • Latex should last approximately 20 years.


When selecting the best mattress, we adhere to the following criteria:

  • support type
  • thickness
  • certification
  • dimensions
  • firmness
  • affordability/quality

Foldable Murphy beds are a great option for many people these days, whether you need one for spacing or just simply love the look. Once you have spent the money to get your perfect Murphy bed, you want to also pick the perfect mattress.

In summary, let’s go through some of the most significant points to remember when purchasing a mattress.

You’ll want to specifically pay attention to:

  • Size Measurements – We can’t say this one enough. Most Murphy beds are going to fit any mattress out there, usually up to 11 inches in height. If your Murphy bed was custom built by you or someone else, you may want to pay closer attention to the measurements. Either way, be sure to measure correctly and remember that when ordering a mattress with a pillow-top that the pillow top must be included in the measurements.
  • How Often Will You Fold the Bed Up into the Wall? – This is especially important because if you will not be folding up your bed every day, you will be able to order any type of mattress. However, if you plan on folding your bed into the wall every day, you will want to avoid thin foam as it will tend to start slumping up at the base. They can also start to lose shape over time. To get the best use out of your mattress, be sure to buy a quality one. Spending a little extra on a great mattress will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.
  • Comfort – If you have the money to spend on comfort, we highly suggest it. After all, we spend so many hours in our beds, and we want to be well-rested and ready to face the next day. Medium-firm tends to be the best option for most people when it comes to comfort. We all differ in firmness, so buy what is best for your body. Refer to our review above to get the scoop on the different types of mattresses for comfort level and preference.
  • Warranty and Trial Period – Many mattress companies online will offer a trial period of up to a year to try your new mattress and decide if you want to keep it. If not, they will pick up and either dispose of the mattress or donate to a good cause. Also, be sure that you are receiving a warranty on your purchase.
  • Certified – It is important to ensure that your Murphy bed mattress is certified with CERTIPUR-US. This means that the foams are made with all-natural materials, free of ozone depletion chemicals, made without flame retardants, mercury, lead or other heavy metals, formaldehyde or phthalates.
  • Cost – Just because a mattress is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. There are many affordable mattresses out there that are made with high-quality materials. What you may pay a little more for is thickness and added features such as cooling gel.

Mistakes to avoid when buying a new mattress for your Murphy bed:

  • Going to a Mattress Store and Not Looking Online – We aren’t thinking about purchasing a mattress very often in our lives, so we don’t pay much attention. When it’s time, many people just go to the nearest mattress store, test it in-store and buy. These people end up paying a 40-50 percent markup because the salesperson makes a commission and the store also needs to make money. Nowadays, we have a “bed-in-a-box”. Most mattresses can be bought online, shipped directly to your door, including a free trial period and free pickup if you don’t like it.
  • Not Knowing if There is a Return Fee for Dissatisfaction – Always find out ahead of time if there is a return fee. Simply said, mattress stores don’t want you to return your mattress because they end up taking a loss on it. Some will put a return fee or a restocking fee on the conditions, which usually amounts to around $200.00 which they use as a disposal fee. If the company does charge a return fee and you want their mattress, try bartering a sale for a wipe-out of the return fee, or go somewhere else.
  • Paying Full Sticker Price in a Store – Again, if you buy in-store, you are overpaying! Many mattress stores will mark their mattresses up to around $4,000.00 to $5,000.00, and then mark it down half price as a sale. This is a gimmick they use and still way overpriced. Don’t fall for it!
  • Relying on an In-Store Trial Only – The only way to truly know if you like your mattress is to sleep on it. Period. Trying it in-store is only going to give you a temporary feel for the mattress.
  • Not Considering Your Sleep Position – Are you a stomach sleeper, back sleeper or side sleeper? This is important. When looking for the perfect mattress for your Murphy bed, the online store should tell you what mattress is for which sleeping position. Or you can refer to our review above!

Additional Tips

Look for actual results and don’t get caught up in the hype. If a mattress is way overpriced and they are trying to suck you in with all kinds of “state of the art technology” stuff, don’t walk, run. Most of these mattresses are scams and the foam is made with cheap, sometimes poisonous materials. And, you will be buying another in a few years when it is all misshapen. Let statistics and company reputation speak for themselves.

Are the reviews credible? Does the company only list positive reviews? Do the reviews all sound the same? Lots of companies put up fake reviews on their website. Read through at least 15 to 20 reviews to determine if they are real.

Do they offer a money-back guarantee? Most mattress companies will. The longer the trial period, the better. Having a one-month trial period won’t do much good, as it usually takes longer than that to adjust to your new mattress. Also, always check to make sure that their money-back guarantee involves actual money and not in-store credit. It’s always smart to do your best research to make sure that the stores honor their money-back guarantee. If the store has a good reputation and is credible, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Read the warranty information even though it can be quite lengthy. At the least, look for keywords such as “prorated”. This means you may have to take on additional costs during the replacement period. Make sure your warranty is non-prorated.

Don’t buy a used mattress. In all honesty, a mattress is a personal item, kind of like a toothbrush. Always buy new for the best result – warranty, returns, cleanliness, etc.

We hope you enjoyed our 2020 review and buying guide on buying the best mattress for a Murphy bed. It is our sincerest hope that we have saved you lots of time and money. Enjoy your Murphy bed for years to come. Enjoy the space-saving feature it provides. But most all, enjoy the comfort and awesome night’s sleep you will get on your new mattress!

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