9 Best Titanium Claw Hammers on the Market in 2020

best titanium hammer

The hammer is a tool with a rigid head affixed to a handle that is used in a swinging motion to produce impact on a specific object. They can be used in art to chip away at different materials to form sculptures and can be used in construction to drive nails into different materials like wood. They can also be perfect for good old breaking and destruction, like when demolishing a structure.

Most Affordable

Stiletto FH10C Claw

  • 10-ounce, titanium head
  • Curved claw handle

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Best Overall

Stiletto TB15MC TiBone

  • Thin, light design
  • 10X less recoil shock than steel

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Runner Up

Martinez Tools M1

  • Interchangeable heads
  • Revolutionary design

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The traditional hammer is a claw hammer that provides both the power of a steel head and also the resource to remove nails with the “claw” built into the other side. This is a pretty standard tool in most households and does not require any special training to operate. Once you have become accustomed to working with a steel hammer, you may feel a sense of loyalty to it – after all, it has been working alongside you on house projects and maybe out on the job site for quite some time. It’s been trusted, tried, and true to you.

But it’s time. It’s time to upgrade and discover the best titanium hammer for you. You will quickly be moving into a new, better you with this limb extension of a hammer that will keep you working tirelessly and more efficiently on projects that would have otherwise taken significantly more time, while also leaving wear and tear on your elbows and shoulders. The days of heavy hammers, painful injuries, and excessive working hours are over. We have entered a new era and in it, the hammers are lighter, sleeker, better-handled, and leave you feeling accomplished, faster, and all-around more productive.

There are a couple of options out there but no need to worry, this guide will take you through everything you need to know. First, we will break down why you should choose a titanium hammer over the outdated steel version. Next, we will break down what the main difference is between the two and why the titanium hammer is more beneficial. You will get to peruse a few different products available on the market – their individual features will be identified, and you will become well acquainted with your options. Finally, we will walk you through the buying process – what to consider and why and then we will set you free to shop and upgrade to the next best thing!

3 Reasons to Choose a Titanium Hammer

  • Lightweight Design for Ease of Use – Compared to the traditional steel hammer, titanium hammers are much lighter and easier to use. You are able to work more quickly as you work nails into different materials since it is so lightweight yet packs an unforgettable punch. The lighter load also makes it easier on your hands and arms which keeps you more effective in your work and with less fatigue at the end of the day.
  • Efficient Energy Transfer – When you swing a steel hammer, a smaller percentage of your swing energy is going through to the nail; however, when using a titanium hammer, the majority (nearly all) of your swing energy gets through to the nail, which makes your work much more effective and efficient. You are also dealing with a lot less fatigue so if you are suffering from any type of elbow or shoulder pain from hammering away all day, this lightweight option could be life-altering for you.
  • Varying Handle Options – Giving up a steel hammer does not mean you have to let go of your favorite type of handle. Titanium hammers come with several different handle options that can be made of fiberglass, wood, and even thermoplastic rubber. It is all dependent on what feels most comfortable for you while using the tool and having multiple options to choose from makes the buying process flexible enough to satisfy your needs.

Main Differences between a Steel and Titanium Hammer

The marketing coordinator for Stiletto tools, Brandon Miller, puts it simply: “a titanium hammer transfers 97% of your energy from swinging the hammer to the nail, while a steel hammer transfers only 70% of your energy to the nail.” This makes the titanium hammer significantly more effective at driving nails through and there is so much less recoil energy that returns into your arm. So, titanium is a lighter material that has the capacity of steel while protecting your arm from fatigue and damage from repetitive motions.

Of course, everything has a price – you will find that titanium hammers are more expensive than the old-school steel options but when you consider the potential of medical bills following injury, you can easily justify the investment.

Best Titanium Hammers

Stiletto TB15MC TiBone 15-Ounce Titanium Milled-Face Hammer

Key Features:

  • Thin, light design
  • 10X less recoil shock than steel
  • Magnetic nail start feature
  • Ergonomic handle

Overall Best Titanium Hammer  – This Stiletto milled-face hammer is made of titanium and packs power in a lighter weight and stronger design that feels like a 20-ounce steel hammer contained within only 15-ounces of titanium. The magnetic nail start feature allows you to complete one-handed overhead work by keeping the nail steady on the nose of the hammer.

The handle is contoured ergonomically with an injection-molded grip and is made of durable rubber that is designed to reduce hand fatigue while also allowing you to leverage more power during use. The steel faces are replaceable which makes this tool longer lasting, whether smooth or milled.


  • Made of lightweight titanium
  • Ergonomic handle supports hand and arm during use
  • Included nail puller
  • Design is easy to control and packs power


  • Pricy compared to other models

Stiletto FH10C Claw Hammer

Key Features:

  • 10-ounce, titanium head
  • Curved claw handle
  • Driving power of 16-ounce steel hammer
  • Less recoil shock than steel

Best Budget-Friendly Titanium Hammer – This Stiletto claw hammer is made with a titanium head, a curved Axe handle, and has the driving power of a 16-ounce steel hammer without the recoil shock of steel. It is proudly manufactured in the U.S. and offers protected connections to different lines and components.

The hickory handle is a brown/tan color and delivers a comfortable grip while standing up to the test of time. The hammer’s overall length is 14-1/4 inches and comes in weighing a mere 16.6 ounces total. This hammer does not include the nail slot in the face required to mar finish work. It does, however, have a tight radius claw design that easily pulls nails out without leaving any unsightly marks behind.


  • Made with lightweight titanium
  • Durable hickory handle
  • Delivers steel-like power
  • Budget-friendly option compared to other options


  • Can wear out if used continuously against steel

Martinez Tools M1 Titanium Handle 15oz Milled Steel Head Curved Grip Framing Hammer

Key Features:

  • Titanium handle reduces recoil shock
  • Milled steel head is interchangeable and can be replaced
  • Curved grip is interchangeable and can be replaced
  • Total hammer weight: two lbs.

Best Titanium Framing Hammer – This 15-ounce milled steel head framing hammer by Martinez Tools has a curved grip that can be replaced with another curved or even a straight option once worn. In addition, the milled steel head is interchangeable, making this a long-term use tool that will keep on giving.

The innovative design of this framing hammer has an all-steel head that can take the roughest use and will not loosen but can be replaced. It has a hefty, forward-weight with either a mill or smooth-faced option that permits you to deliver powerful strikes. The frame is made of titanium, reducing shock with each use.


  • Interchangeable heads
  • Revolutionary design
  • Titanium reduces recoil shock for hand and arm comfort


  • Expensive when compared to other similar products

6 More Top Rated Titanium Hammer:

Dalluge 7180 16 Ounce Titanium Hammer

This imported titanium hammer by Dalluge has a serrated face and a straight hickory handle that also includes a nail puller for added leverage. Its shock absorbing design is patented and the nailoc magnetic nail holder is versatile, able to be used with both duplex and standard nails.

Vaughan 07170 14-Ounce Dalluge Titanium Hammer, 15-Inch Straight Hickory Handle

This Vaughan titanium hammer is lightweight, allowing it to swing faster for better power at the point of impact. It reduces the stress delivered to the arm which halts fatigue. The milled striking face is extra-large, and it comes with a magnetic nail holder, allowing for use with one hand. The hatchet is American style with a high-density, hickory handle.

Titanium Rip Hammer, Milled, 16 Oz, Hickory

This 16-ounce hickory hammer is made of lightweight titanium and features a side nail puller and overstrike defense. It is a rip claw type hammer with a weight of 16-ounces and a total length of 17-inches. This product is manufactured in China.

Stiletto Tools Inc TI14SC Titan 14 Oz Titanium Framing Hammer With Curved Handle

This Stiletto Tools framing hammer comes with a curved handle and is made of titanium for a lightweight but powerful product. It will deliver the power of a steel hammer without the recoil shock and includes a magnetic nail start on the nose to get those one-handed nail sets handled easily. The ergonomic handle is made of hickory and is curved, which allows for better swing leverage.

Stiletto TBM14RMC Tibone Mini-14 oz. Replaceable Milled Face Hammer with A Curved 16″ Titanium Handle

This Stiletto milled face hammer is made with quality materials that deliver sustained performance and precision. Manufactured in the United States, it comes with a replaceable steel head that can be either smooth or milled. It makes working with nails convenient as it comes with a side nail puller and a magnetic nail starter.

Martinez Tools M1 Titanium Handle 15oz Smooth Steel Head Curved Grip Framing Hammer

This steel head framing hammer made by Martinez Tools has a curved grip and titanium handle that reduces recoil shock. The head can be replaced and is interchangeable, as well as the curved grip. This hammer comes in weighing a total of 2 lbs. with the head weighing 15-ounces alone.

Our 2020 Titanium Hammer Buying Guide

  • Decide on the Best Handle for You – This is an extremely important aspect of your hammer as it involves your comfort while using the tool. Do you prefer the feel of wood? If working under slippery conditions, will rubber provide the best grip so the lightweight hammer doesn’t fly out of your hands, delivering power in an unintended place? This all comes down to personal preference – some prefer the conventional straight handle while others opt for a curved handle. So long as you are comfortable holding the hammer during use, that is all that matters. So, check out your options in-store if possible, decide which feels best, and choose the best option for you.
  • Review Head Weights – This is another aspect of the tool that is of vital importance and heavily reliant on personal preference. Some people prefer a heavier hammer head because of its undeniable feel during use; it can be a sturdier option for the type of person who really wants to feel the weight of what they are doing. Others are more comfortable with a tool that is lightweight all around, the way all-titanium hammers are. This could be a great option if you are completing many overhead projects as you’ll have the power required in a lighter model that’ll keep you from getting tired.
  • Do You Need a Magnetic Nail Starter? Magnetic nail starters are extremely convenient because it’s like having an invisible assistant along with you while you perform your jobs. The magnet will hold your nail in place so you can reach difficult places overhead that might be a little tight to get into with both hands.
  • Consider Your Budget – You will notice that titanium hammers are significantly pricier than steel models. However, if you consider your new titanium hammer as an investment, you will see its lifetime value and the choice will be made more easily. Some might wonder if titanium hammers are really worth their price or if it is all just hype. Being that these types of hammers can range up into the hundreds, many opt to use the outdated steel versions. However, if you really consider how your body will adapt to a titanium hammer over years of use – think 10 years down the road – you will want to have fully functioning wrists, elbows, and shoulders and adding a titanium hammer to your toolbox is the most responsible decision you can make to care for your body if your work or home life includes a lot of hammer use.
  • Review Warranty Options – Since you will be spending a pretty penny on your new titanium hammer, you will want to check out the kind of manufacturer’s warranty it comes with to protect your purchase. Most of these can be pretty transparent but some are limited so be sure to read thoroughly and understand how the product is covered.


Now that you are better informed to make a decision about which type of titanium hammer to purchase, you can get excited about bringing home this tool to add to your at-home set or to your job site. If you are able to stop in by a hardware store to get a good feel for the type of hammers available, you will be able to better decide which type of handle is best suited for you and feels best when you grip on to it.

You may want to go all-titanium with your purchase or you may want to keep a little of your old hammer life with you and choose a hybrid option; perhaps something with a titanium handle and a steel head. The beauty is you have so many options to choose from – you can even invest in a hammer that has an interchangeable head so you can shift back and forth depending on your needs as you work through different projects and with different materials.

Try to keep your titanium hammer from working on steel too much, as steel is still going to be a harder material and can more quickly wear down your titanium hammer. However, when you are working on long projects when you are really having to hammer down, you will thank yourself endlessly for having purchased a titanium model, as its light-weight will keep you from tiring and help you advance more quickly on your projects.

Whether you are using smooth or milled heads on your M1 hammer, you can frame away all day without feeling it in your elbow at the end of the day. Although these hammers are relatively new, having only been in existence for about twenty years, they have gained so much popularity and the reasons are obvious. Whether your budget is tight or unlimited, there is a titanium hammer out there with your name on it just waiting to get shipped to you.

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